Anchoring your thought leadership in research will give your content more authority – and make your views more newsworthy.

With research to back up commentary, your opinions become insights. And numbers make your content more current and more likely to receive coverage: journalists want to hang their articles on some strong data points.

Much of the thought leadership we produce at Ambergate involves a degree of market research or consumer polling.  We’ve worked with specialists like Censuswide or YouGov to design research programmes, analyse results and develop insights that drive white papers, reports and infographics. Alternatively, we develop and run our own research programmes: this is a particularly effective way to gather qualitative insights through interviews and focus groups.  Our programme for ACTE involves a blend of these qualitative inputs, underpinned by quantitative polling.

Read more about the key role of data and research in driving content in this 2015 article, written by Ambergate’s David Taylor for ESOMAR, an organisation that promotes the value of market, opinion and social research and data analytics.

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