Since 1846 BT, and its predecessors, has been at the forefront of innovation in telecommunications, computing and entertainment. We created an exhibition at the BT Group’s London HQ to tell that story.

Every day hundreds of visitors and employees pass through the lobby of BT Centre. This anonymous space revealed little about the BT’s Group’s purpose or personality: it was a wasted opportunity. In partnership with Howoco, we developed a design concept for the lobby to showcase the BT brand and communicate what it stands for today.

With its history of firsts stretching back more than 150 years, we decided that innovation at BT – and specifically ‘innovation for better connections’ – provided the ideal theme for the design concept. We proposed an innovation exhibition, presented as a series of display panels. As well as looking back to inventions like the electric telegraph or the world’s first programmable computer, the panels would bring the innovation story into the present day, spotlighting, for example, BT’s work on ultrafast broadband.

We worked with BT Archives to assemble the storyline and source vivid supporting imagery, where possible featuring the individuals who drove innovation at BT.  Conceived as a semi-temporary installation, the innovation showcase has now been in place for almost three years.


Innovation on show at BT Centre, London.
Aspects of BT innovation

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