Our work: priming the pump for Amadeus Media Solutions

We helped Amadeus engage would-be customers for its revolutionary advertising concept.

Amadeus Media Solutions developed a new way for advertisers to precision-target travellers. For the first time, advertisers could reach and tailor messages for this valuable market at every stage of the travel process.

We helped Amadeus devise and execute a strategy to explain how the concept worked – and why advertisers needed to talk to Amadeus to find out more. First, we developed a name that captured the essence of the concept : Total Trip Targeting.  Then we created a set of insight-driven reports for distribution via the HubSpot inbound marketing platform.

The first paper walks readers through the Total Trip Targeting concept. An infographic highlights the benefits that advertisers can achieve by targeting travellers at different stages of the customer journey. Industry data is complemented by case study vignettes featuring Amadeus Media Solutions customers. Subsequent papers then focus on  how specific travel industry sectors can take advantage of Total Trip Targeting.

Screen Shot 2017-10-31 at 18.43.37
Total Trip Targeting: fuel for the inbound marketing machine





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